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After School Program 

We are excited to launch our afterschool program in the Fall of 2022. Serendipity will provide an after school pick-up program. Our educators will pick-up students from their primary schools and transport them to our center.


For any parent, an after school program offers a safe and fun environment where your child can go after the school day if you are unable to pick them up after the school day. Finding a reliable and enjoyable after school program for your child is much easier said than done, and finding an affordable and effective location is even harder. Any after school program has a difficult job of corralling, educating, and entertaining your kids, but not necessarily in such a structured space of school. It’s generally not the determined learning environment of school, but an after school program that can not only reinforce, but build on the lessons and experiences that school can provide is invaluable. Whether you need the help while you’re still at work, or looking for more enriching  learning experiences in your child's life, an after school program such as Serendipity can do that and more. 


At Serendipity,  we are a proud team of experienced, educated, and compassionate teachers who want to provide smart and safe educational opportunities to your children. Our afterschool program will center around STEM, which will engage and challenge our after-schoolers, while having loads of fun!

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