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Age: 18 months - 2 1/2 years old

Ratio: 1:6

Our Pre-toddler group, which sits within the infant classroom, participates in weekly themed curriculums, daily routines, and age-appropriate activities. Pre-toddlers are walking, running, and learning to be independent while mastering critical gross and fine motor skills.  We reinforce these skills by teaching them a variety of lessons, including the alphabet, songs, coloring, painting, and eating and drinking on their own while seated in chairs and tables like the big kids! Pre-toddlers will be given breakfast as well as AM and PM snacks. Parents to provide lunch.   


  • Early exploration of letters, numbers, colors and more

  • Daily read aloud story-time

  • Music and movement

  • Interactive and independent play time

  • Creative pretend play

  • Sensory activities

  • Puppets

  • Outdoor play, weather permitting

  • Yoga


  • Parent to teacher

  • Dojo app

  • Daily report sheets (feeding, paper changing, interactive play and activities, and mood)

  • Daily photos

  • Director

  • Monthly newsletter