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Age range: Infant to 17 months

Ratio: 1:4

Infants begin to evolve into social beings when they notice other children and discover the joys of group play and sharing. Our environment supports social development through stimulation, laughter, and love and our infants follow parent-designed schedules to maintain consistency between the daycare and their home environment.We respect the need for tummy-time, frequent diaper changes, and more.

We understand that the transition from home to the daycare environment can be especially hard for the parents, so we work to make all parties comfortable by providing daily developmental reports as well as a safe and secure environment aided by knowledgeable staff.

Toys are sterilized daily, and changing tables are disinfected after each diaper change. We also adhere to specific diaper changing procedures to protect each baby’s health and safety. Caregivers are required to wear gloves and to place specially designed sanitary papers on the changing pad before each changing. To maintain a clean and healthy environment for our little ones, we ask parents to sanitize their hands before entering the room. We do not allow shoes in the classroom, so everyone is required to place disposable booties over their shoes before they enter the infant room.


  • Music                                   
  • Language Development
  • Sign Language
  • Outside Time
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Sensory Activities
  • Story Time
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Tummy Time
  • Parent to Teacher
  • Dojo App
  • Daily Report Sheet (feeding, paper changing, interactive play and activities, and mood)
  • Daily Photos
  • Director
  • Monthly Newsletter